Monday, June 29, 2015

48 Really Useful Sites

Have you heard of 48 Really Useful Web Sites? I haven't talked about it much in this blog, but it's an ebook I wrote about some of the most useful free sites on the Internet. Back in the early days of the Internet I wrote an email newsletter called "Really Useful Web Sites", and in it I reviewed free sites I found in my Web surfing, sites that I thought were amazing and worth a visit because of the information they made available. My newsletter had 100,000 subscribers at one point, and people loved it. I closed the newsletter down a while ago, mostly because it was getting harder to find free sites that had valuable information, but I still like to find useful sites in my Web wanderings. So, a year or two ago when I wanted to take a break from my fiction writing I put together 48 Really Useful Web Sites and published it as an ebook. It has my reviews of all these nifty sites, plus links to them so you can go right to the site from your computer, tablet, or ebook reader.
The reason I'm telling you this today is that I'm feeling happy because someone left a glowing review of my book on Smashwords. Here's a quote: 
"Incredible book this one is. It has helped me save a good amount of money and time."

Isn't that great? I'm glad someone found my book useful, and I'm pleased he took the time to post such a positive review.
If you're looking for some Web sites that are definitely worth a visit, check out 48 Really Useful Web Sites!
It's not bad, if I do say so myself!