Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thank You, Lynnette!

I'm a big supporter of book bloggers. Of course, that's because people who blog about books can help me to get the word out about my own books. Some of these bloggers have thousands of followers, and it goes without saying that if they feature your book prominently, you'll get lots of exposure. I'm also a reader, though, and I like book blogs for the simple fact that they help me to find books I might want to read. I can scan capsule reviews on these sites and find out what other readers think before I make a purchase.

One very good book blog is Lynnette's Book World. I've known Lynnette Phillips for about five years now, and she is a big supporter of authors. She writes three blogs about books and publishing, is a consultant for self-published authors, writes books herself, and obviously loves to read. Her Lynnette's Book World blog features reviews, book trailers, interviews, and articles about every aspect of self-publishing. It's worth a visit, and a bookmark.

And now for the best part: for the next 30 days Lynnette's Book World is featuring my "Rose Of Skibbereen" ebook on the front page. It's right there at the top of the page, under "5 Star Historical Fiction". I am very pleased that Lynnette chose my book to feature on her blog, and, well, I just had to mention that fact today!

If you like books and reading, I highly recommend that you visit Lynnette's Book World. And if you feel like clicking on the "Rose Of Skibbereen" link, by all means do so!