Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Use New Thought Principles For Success

New Thought is a name for a spiritual movement that started in the 19th century in the U.S. There are many branches of New Thought, but they all share a belief in the power of positive thinking to change one’s life. Here are some tips for using New Thought in your life.
. Banish negative thoughts. New Thought recognizes the power of the mind to change our lives. Our thinking determines who and what we are. Negative, defeatist thoughts lead to defeated lives. Our thoughts magnify our reality, which means that if bad things happen to you and you brood about them, everything will get worse.
. Visualize positive outcomes. Since our thoughts determine our reality, New Thought says that we should think positive thoughts in order to achieve our goals. The simplest way is to picture yourself having already attained whatever it is you want. Do this on a daily basis till you achieve your goal.
. Believe that there is a force greater than yourself that will help you attain your goals. You can call it God, Universal Mind, the Universe, or whatever, but New Thought teaches that there is a benevolent force that is bigger than ourselves, and it will help us attain our goals if we only ask. Prayer and visualization help us to ask for these benefits.
. Self-improvement is a lifelong journey. New Thought says that we are here to improve ourselves and make daily progress toward becoming the best person we can be. By using positive thinking, daily positive affirmations, visualization, and other techniques, we can get better and better each day.