Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There has never been a better time for writing than right now. Never before in history has it been so easy for writers to get their words in front of so many people. The power of the Internet means that thousands of people can read your work within seconds of you publishing it.

I love this!!!! There are so many opportunities now, and more are showing up every day. I want this blog to be a celebration of Internet writing, a road map for you to find out where the opportunities are, and a tutorial to show you how to get your writing in front of the largest amount of people.

I don't care what type of writing you do, there are historic opportunities to get it published RIGHT NOW. So, let's make this a blog that celebrates and promotes online writing! I welcome your input, and look forward to all the new developments that are coming online for writers each day.

ALSO. . . this blog will be a place where I can post some of my latest articles, poems, thoughts, and whatever else comes to mind.